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I’m Maeve Andersen (@maevehove on Twitter), a native of Cold Spring who writes about politics in the Hudson Valley and sometimes New York more broadly. I grew up bouncing between various towns and cities in Putnam and Dutchess Counties such as Beacon and Poughkeepsie with my mother, and my father’s NYC apartment. Hence the name of this Substack, as the area of the state covered here is similar to the path of the train I took between them for most of my childhood.

I am not a journalist or a political operative. I’m a 20 year old dual Computer Science and Political Science undergrad at Northeastern University in Boston whose main job for the past several years has been delivering UberEats on a bicycle. This site exists as a personal project for me but if you’d like to support me by subscribing, I’d be grateful for your support. I don’t currently have paid posts, so one should think of a paid subscription as a donation. I may change this depending on how this goes.

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I'm a Boston-area UberEats cyclist who moonlights as a Computer Science major at Northeastern University. I analyze Hudson Valley and broader New York politics. I'm also a writer for The Rose Garden.